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...than navigating through the complex digital marketing landscape as shown in these infographics by industry marketers.

With 17+ years of expertise and hands-on use of countless tools & solutions in this space, we take a machete to the clutter of solutions, differentiate solutions based on cost, function, service, and user-friendliness, and bring you the best solutions for your business and customers.

Whether your needs are simple or advanced, we are solution agnostic and ensure you don't overspend on solutions because of a lack of research time or information.

We pride ourselves in making it easy and affordable. We work tirelessly to deliver extraordinary value. 

The Customer Journey

"The customer journey is changing. Buying journeys are more self-directed, diverse and influenced by peer information than in the past."  - Gartner

Both Gartner and Forrester predict that by 2020, more than 80% of the buying process will occur without any direct human-to-human interaction.

Our Six Digital Solutions

The digital marketing universe is large and complex. Anyone can make it hard. Our specialty is making it easy.

Digital Consulting

What Business Problem are You Trying to Solve?

  • Award-winning sales, marketing, and operations expertise

  • Customer Journey mapping

  • Data and modeling strategies

  • Local and national business strategies

  • SWOT & cost comparisons

  • Budget-minded & ROI approach

  • Strategy across channels – priority, leverage & optimization

  • New logos & CRM strategies

  • Planning and roadmaps

Digital Marketing

Ubiquitous Online Presence

  • Websites

  • Microsites, Intranets, Blogs

  • Online communities

  • E-commerce solutions

  • Email marketing

  • Search – SEO, PPC

  • Digital advertising

  • Data services

  • Social media

  • Mobile & SMS

  • Conversion focused

  • Reporting and analytics 

Platforms Tools Design

Your Digital "Handyman"

  • Selecting the right solutions

  • Vendor & service agnostic 

  • Domains, DNS service

  • Replatform & Migrations

  • Budget, cost & function analysis

  • Better, faster, cheaper alternatives

  • Email Service Providers

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • E-commerce

  • Platforms & data integration 

  • Vendor selections, RFP, negotiations

Customer Engagement Through Digital Marketing

Customer Journey Optimized

  • Personas

  • Individual messaging with mass efficiency

  • Right message, right person, right time, right channel

  • Marketing automation; triggers

  • Segmentation; personalization

  • Relevance & frequency 

  • Advanced data integrations

  • User experience, visitor paths & site heat maps

118 Digital Marketing Content Ideas

All But the Blank Canvas

  • Content & web page audits

  • Content creation

  • Graphics editing

  • Video installations 

  • Infographics

  • Site refreshes & page by page rewrites

  • Site, email, ads & digital messaging audits

  • Optimization reviews

Digital Marketing Services

One Time, Project, and Ongoing

  • Troubleshoot & fix website problems

  • Competition analysis

  • Keyword projects

  • Project Mgmt - ad hoc

  • Short term staff augmentation

  • Staffing - candidate assessments

  • Ongoing site updates

  • Agency report cards & review

  • Marketing campaign assessments 

  • Data enhancement 

Not to be confused with simple.

Advanced Solutions Made Easy for You


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Real Estate | Retail | Telecommunications Mass Media | Sports |  Technology | Travel

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Just Sayin'

“Jill was a highly valued member of my digital marketing team, with responsibility for the Becker website along with Search Engine Optimization. 
She was a critical member of the website redesign team, demonstrating her technical abilities in working with the various agencies involved in the project.  Jill also established a new monthly digital scorecard which was a significant undertaking. ” 

Susan Burns, Director of Marketing at Becker Professional Education

“Jill did a fantastic job of researching a complex and (at the time) little-known topic – email deliverability and filters that affect marketers and online publishers.  

She forged deep relationships, virtually and in-person. She then was able to translate technical concepts into plain English for our readership of business people, so they could readily understand the topic and what actions they should take for their companies to succeed.  It was a pleasure working with Jill and I would do again.”

 Anne Holland, Founder and Publisher,

“Jill has an amazing ability to quickly understand the situation at hand and the opportunities that are present.

Her experience in business and digital marketing will benefit your organization.”

Pat Buschette, Jostens

“Jill dove straight in to the deep end of a very difficult situation.

Her ability to respond to the business conditions independently and implement significant changes in a short period of time can only be described as exceptional.”    

Kristen Toomey, Comcast Service Manager at Allant

Jill has a wealth of knowledge across the entire interactive marketing spectrum, such that she could comfortably engage in strategic conversations with the client, manage the internal resources necessary to complete a wide variety of client projects, and serve as key operational liaison to several of our interactive vendors.

Jen Williams, Vice President of Client Services at Allant

“I can’t think of a person that I have worked with over the past 30 years who is as driven, organized and resourceful as Jill Keogh.

She not only provides tremendous leadership to the team, but she has the knack to incorporate others into a project that ultimately maximizes the cumulating effort and results of the team. Jill is a pros pro.” 

Marty Gaughan, Benet Academy

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