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Digital Consulting

Envision + Align = Transform

Digital engagement aims to lift customer retention, new customer acquisitions, revenue, and profit. 

To achieve the transformation (existing or new), the team requires objective analysis, assessments, and benefits of existing technologies, platform integrations, data utilization, customer and prospect experiences, and information dissemination throughout the enterprise. 

An expert PM does more than track timelines. They add true value to the conversation and offer business expertise when relevant and welcome.

With a career combining advanced digital marketing and award-winning B2B sales/management, the team benefits from appropriate recommendations across all channels regarding high-impact (revenue and goal driving), time-sensitive, cost-conscious elements. 

Early-stage project planning may include:

  • Digital alternatives to business as usual

  • Opportunities, goals, and areas of untapped potential

  • Customer Journey Mapping

  • Budget-minded & ROI focus

  • Strategy across channels – priority, leverage & optimization

  • Planning and roadmaps

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